A Burst of Spring Clearing — 5 Comments

  1. Kathi,

    You have to take a gentle and positive approach. Try getting him to buy into your vision of a finished deck. Suggest that you have a 4th of July party. Paint a word picture of your friends gathering on the new deck. Pick out some new deck furniture to help him see your vision. Another option is to hire it done. Do some research and find out how much that will cost. The estimate might be enough to help him find the time to do the project or he may decide that this is something that is worth hiring out.

    I just finished stripping the floral wallpaper from our master bedroom. It took about 25 hours to strip, repair the walls and paint the room. That was time that I could have spent adding content to my blog. I’ve decided that I will hire out the master bath job. I’m beginning to understand that just because I can do it all does not mean that I should. I’m also beginning to understand that doing a job myself instead of hiring someone who makes there living doing that type of work is actually selfish. Think about it.

  2. Can I make a list for someone else? ha, ha. My husband and I been talking about redoing our deck for a long time. Before we could do our deck, we had to clean the garage to have a place to put everything that was being stored under the deck. The garage couldn’t be cleaned until… well, you know how that goes. Now I’m sitting with a deck half torn out and no time on the calendar to do it. Maybe if I wrote down some things my husband has been wanting, he’ll finish the deck?

  3. Thanks Bobbi!

    The clearing exercise really does work. I read that book a long time ago and did the exercise when I lived in another house and was learning to get organized. That book and several others helped me get so organized that we were able to put that house up for sale. Having a clutter free house kept me from stressing out when someone wanted to look at the house at the last minute.

  4. As always this is so inspiring to me! Your wonderful organized mind just continues to flow! “As a man thinketh, so is he” is SO true. You create organization everywhere you go. My studio benefited so much from your work and ideas. And I WILL do this clearing thing in my house. I’ve done my dining room and it’s so much easier to live in there, so now I just need to move to another room and repeat the process. I love your system of writing it down, making decisions and an action plan. Will do Karen!!

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