The purpose of this site is to provide organizing solutions and tips for my clients and potential clients in the greater Knoxville, TN area. My expertise is based on twenty-three years of study and fifteen years of hands on experience assisting clients with their organizing and productivity challenges. 

My intent is to provide a useful tip, product review or short post related to getting organized every few weeks. These will be in blog format and can be accessed by clicking on Karen’s Blog.  You may comment on a post by clicking on the post title or by following the continue reading link which will open the post page.  I welcome your feedback. Be sure to sign up for email updates from Get Organized Knoxville. The subscription box is in the upper right corner.

My second purpose for running this blog site is to gather ideas for future posts and articles.  Let me know what is bothering you.  Hopefully I’ll have a solution.

This is also a great place to offer feedback from our sessions.  If I have helped you solve a problem I would love to hear about it. Post your comments below.  You may access my main website from the menu bar. There you will find case studies, before and after photos, and more in-depth articles regarding organizing your home and your office.


Welcome to Get Organized Knoxville — 2 Comments

  1. Karen has been helping me organize various areas of my home for several years. I call her when I have the money and we spend four to six hours on one area. One time we tackled the garage. It was a night and day difference from before and after.

    Another time, we tackled the kitchen. Karen asks questions and makes me really consider whether or not I really need to “hold onto an item or not.” Because of her tutoring as we work, I now am able to let go of unnecessary stuff more readily by myself.

    Recently, after a massive organizing session, I hugged her and told her how “LIBERATED” I felt after purging files and letting go of so much stuff. She is GREAT to work with. You will see a difference immediately that very day! Karen has taught me so much. I feel like we are friends and partners in organizing my home. I have recommended Karen to several friends and they have been just as thrilled to work with her as I have been. She’s the BEST!

  2. It is amazing how organizing a few simple areas in my home provides more free time!

    Karen is very familiar with various filing and computer systems. She is also an excellent communicator, and very efficient with time. In our first session she looked at the areas I wanted help with, and she listened to how I had been trying to keep up with all of it. In the same session, she showed me how to set up a filing system that is just right for my needs.

    Four sessions later, I am in full swing with a customized system that is very user friendly. I now have two file drawers in my office with color coded hanging file folders. Also, we made a storage area for archives that is out of the way, yet still easy to access.

    We also organized my kitchen desk files using the Smead 3-D Viewable tabs which are wonderful! I don’t have “to do stacks” on my desk anymore!

    I highly recommend organizing sessions with Karen. I only wish I had called years ago! Thank you Karen!

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